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The American Turf Flyers have an extensive history of R/C flying. In this videos gallery you will find some of the hottest videos in R/C Flying! These videos are worth checking out.

IMAC Video featuring ATF field
This is a YouTube link.
TRT 8:33

A10 Maiden and Phantom Memorial Flight, January 2014
This is a YouTube link.
January, 2014
TRT 6:55

Nice P82
We had a visitor at the field that brought out his P82 and showed us some stuff! He was a real pilot.
TRT 1:00

The 2002 Jumbo FlyIn at The GlueDobbers Field (Version 1)
This video shows a variety of shots taken at the Jumbo.
September 2002
TRT 2:00

The 2002 Jumbo FlyIn at The GlueDobbers Field (Version 2)
This video shows a variety of shots taken at the Jumbo.
September 2002
TRT 2:00

A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon!
These were some of the planes and pilots that were out on a full field Sunday!
October 20, 2002
TRT 1:04

Heli Night Fly! have to see in person; but until you then, check this video out. Dave and the guys wrapped there glow wire and Flew.
TRT 0:59

A New Fiber Classics!
Tim Davie fly's his new Fiber Classics at ATF. This was his maiden day with the plane.
October 20, 2002
TRT 2:02

Biplane Free Fly!
Jim Penrod took some video of Rich's Biplane, and man can this plane fly!
TRT 3:19

(Loud echoing voice) Ladies and Gentleman, tonight we present our....2003 President! Some vintage footage of Dave Kester our 2003 President...who knew?
January 13, 2002
TRT 0:52

3 Bipes in the Air!
Sam, Matt and Richard took there Bipes up all at once. It was quite a site...
November 17, 2002
TRT 1:02

Windy Day Helicopter Flyin'
A very windy day at the Glue Dobber field, and some fancy flyin produced this great footage!
November 2002
TRT 1:02

Parachute Drop!
The new and improved "Custom Creative Stick" makes a drop! Plane custom modified by Dennis Michael for Creative Animation.
November 29, 2002
TRT 0:30

Creative Stick Double Drop...
David K. President of Creative Animation. Inc. and Pilot Dennis M. founder of The GodSpeed Flight Demonstration Team were out with their modified Ultra Stick 120 having some fun!
December 7th, 2002
TRT 1:00

TriPlane Fly!
Dave Kester, our new 2003 President took his Tri-Plane out for a ride. Check it out...This thing really flies!
December 15th, 2002
TRT 1:02

The Enforcer!
This one is FAST! The first flight on this one was fast and the more it ran the faster it got! Look for this one out at the field.
January 19th, 2003
TRT 1:05

2003 Runway Work Party
We had our first work party of 2003. You will appreciate all the hard work some of our members put in on the runway.
February 1, 2003
TRT 1:00

Aerobird Windy Day
With 20mph winds and gusts to 30mph, we took up the Aerobird from Hobby Zone and had a blast!
May 4,2003
TRT 2:03

2003 Memorial Day Fly-In
The American Turf Flyers Memorial Day Fly-In. Lots of planes, lots of fun, lots of food. Don't miss next years event!
May 26th, 2003
TRT 2:04

The Godspeed Flight Demonstration Team!
The Godspeed Flight Demonstration Team had there first official outreach Sunday! Making relationships and teaching kids to fly is the main focus of Godspeed.
June 1st, 2003
TRT 1:49

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