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American Turf Flyers Noise Policy

1.   All engines over .09 cubic inch displacement shall be fitted with a muffler/silencer.  Engines that were manufactured without a provision for a muffler/silencer are exempt.

2.   Emitted noise shall not exceed 102dbA measured at a distance of 10 feet perpendicular to the aircraft over a hard surface (asphalt or concrete).  All measurements shall be made at a full throttle run of 5 seconds using the ‘A’ weighting scale with “slow response” setting.

3.   Noise readings will be taken on the side of aircraft with the muffler/silencer.  For an aircraft with a centered muffler/silencer, the reading shall be taken on the right side of the aircraft.

4.   Any person may request a noise check but official noise readings may only be made by an officer or director of the club or by a club member(s) specifically authorized by the Board of Directors to perform such readings.

5.   All aircraft shall be subject to an unannounced noise check at any time that it is suspected they are in violation of the above-specified limits.

6.   Any aircraft that does not meet the above-specified limits shall not be permitted to fly until such a time that it does meet the specified limits.

7.   All club sponsored events shall contain the club noise limit in any event literature.

Revised 7-13-2003

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